Succu… what?

Succu... what?
The fascinating world of succulents

For the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle near Merano, we designed and realised a temporary exhibition on the subject of succulents. Our aim was to develop an exhibition that not only presents the complexity of succulents and cacti, but is also lightweight and airy. The shape of the exhibition furniture is derived from the Fibonacci rule, which is also very common among succulent plants. The exhibition is garnished with interactive stations, multimedia elements and hands-on exhibits. 
We have placed great emphasis on modularity and maximising the sustainable use of elements. All the exhibition furniture will be recycled or upcycled after the end of the exhibition.


Project Partners:
Project team: Formbar—Laurin Kofler, Pigment Visual—Julia Wopfner
Client: Gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff
Curation + texts: Gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff
Furniture: Fine Line
Prints: Pixie Print
Fotos: Matteo Olivo

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