A temporary exhibition taking place at the Museum of Archaeology of Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy) from April-November 2019.

The exhibition shows archaeological finds that have been discovered in South Tyrol in recent centuries and sold abroad. For the first time in more than a hundred years, many of them have been discovered in detective detail and made accessible to the public in this exhibition.
The design concept is based on taking up the aesthetics of the transport crates. Since the exhibited objects are only shown temporarily and then return to their owners worldwide, the exhibition should also express this: the objects are briefly exhibited at their place of discovery and then shipped again. 
The exhibition will take place in the Museum of Archaeology, where the world-famous glacier mummy Ötzi/The Iceman will also be exhibited.
With the transport crates, a modern stencil lettering and a striking adhesive strip, as well as the discreet use of packaging film, it has been possible to pick up on and reinterpret the transport or warehouse aesthetic.

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology | 2019
Curation & Texts by Andreas Putzer and Günther Kaufmann

> Laurin Kofler, Formbar – Exhibition Concept & Design
> Philipp Putzer, Farbfabrik – Graphic Design
> Arch. Lukas Mayr – Planning & Coordination
> Christine Gensheimer – Illustration, Video Animation
> Jochen Haidacher – Carpentry, Execution
> Serima – Print

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