Gustav Thöni

GUSTAV THÖNI –Life curves of a ski legend

Designing a book is always an exciting task. Bringing the flair and zeitgeist of the 70s into the present and creating a certain nostalgia for this era of optimism is even more so! This was our challenge for this book about the sporting successes and life off the slopes of skiing legend Gustav Thöni. 
At that time, a new generation was at the start, the baby boomers, who wanted to shake off the rigidity of the late 40s or the 50s. In art, for example, Andy Warhol, who mixed different techniques and transformed mass products into art objects. At the same time, there were enormous advances in technology. This was also the case in ski technology - new ski bindings or skis made of aluminium components, which gave skiers new possibilities.
We tried to blend this mixture of new courage in art and graphics with the idea of technical progress - I would say funky and functional.
The result is a book of graphic and typographic experiments, large-format images and insights into the life of a sportsman who dominated the ski world for years: Gustav Thöni, a quiet, reserved person, but a rocket on the slopes.

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