Succu… what? Exhibition/Interior Design

Succu... what? The fascinating world of succulents For the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle near Merano, we designed and realised a temporary exhibition on the subject of succulents. Our aim was to develop an exhibition that not only presents... more

Bacchus & Pomina Exhibition/Interior Design

Bacchus & Pomina We designed the architectural and aesthetic realization of a wine and apple trail for the tourist destination of Schenna near Meran. The apple and wine trails each consist of just over 20 panels that show the... more

Quartiere Ponte Roma Exhibition/Interior Design

Urban Developement Project How can complex issues, such as an urban development concept, be brought to life and made experienceable? That was the task that SIGNA ITALIA set me. Namely the "Quartiere Ponte Roma | Quartier... more

Schwazer Metall Communication Design

We accompany this metalwork business in its transition to a modern and multi-faceted company. This includes a bold and self-confident image. We have developed a slogan in alliterative format that expresses what the company is all about:... more

Gustav Thöni Communication Design

GUSTAV THÖNI –Life curves of a ski legend Designing a book is always an exciting task. Bringing the flair and zeitgeist of the 70s into the present and creating a certain nostalgia for this era of optimism is even more so! This was... more

Solos Farm Communication Design

It is our agency philosophy to focus on sustainable customers and to support them with our knowledge - be it in brand communication, as well as in the selection of suitable print media, packaging and communication channels. One of these projects... more

Existenzminimum Communication Design

Poster design and all communication media for an exhibition of contemporary art with internationally renowned artists such as Esther Stocker or Antonio Scaccabrozzi. We also designed animated Insta-Reels for this exhibition. more

Zikaden Communication Design

Design of the posters and communication media for the temporary art exhibition "Zikaden" at Kunsthalle West. All motifs are variable and designed as a teaser campaign: at the beginning, nothing at all of the information can be read, and... more

Klem Rugs Communication Design

Some little while ago, I had the exciting task of designing the brand for a young Kazakh fashion company: Klem Rugs. They sell ecological carpets made from recycled cotton. I look back on this great project with pleasure – it was good... more

Wondrous Communication Design

Wondrous South Tyrol Finally there is a hiking book that not only contains all the technical information for the excursion, but is also pleasant to browse through. The tour descriptions read like entertaining stories. To round it all off, we... more

A collection of recipes Communication Design

Sliced spleen and almond croquettes - A collection of recipes A book full of old bourgeois and traditional Tyrolean recipes, lovingly collected over decades by a grandmother. The cookbook consists partly of typographically designed recipes,... more

Stone age connections Exhibition/Interior Design

Mobility in Ötzi's time Even in the Copper Age, people were amazingly mobile. They traded flint and copper and not only exchanged goods, but also took new knowledge and craft skills with them on their journeys. On foot, on snowshoes... more

AVIMUNDUS Exhibition/Interior Design

A new Bird Museum In the newly built Bird Museum, which resembles an open cage from the outside, we have designed an exhibition that is intended to be as airy and light as possible. This way, the exhibits come into the centre of attention, but... more

Kurhaus Meran Communication Design

Stadttheater Teatro Puccini It was a great challenge to give a new, contemporary graphic dress to the old-worthy Kurhaus of Merano. Nevertheless, the flair and magic of the Art Nouveau period as well as the light and filigree architecture had... more

Live Merano Camping Communication Design

The warming sun rises over the mountains. Merano has a brand new four-star campsite in the middle of the city. The nice thing is, it has been built very sustainable: plastic-free, paper-free, no soil sealing, rainwater treatment and much more. We... more

Grandhôtel Orchestra Toblach Communication Design

The Grandhôtel Orchestra Toblach brings together musicians from various important orchestras in Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Ljubljana and New York, as well as talented music students from all over Europe. Under the... more

Bergmannhof Communication Design

The Bergmannhof, first documented in the 17th century, has been owned by the Pichler family since 1851. The quality of the Bergmannhof wines is based on the experience and commitment of the whole family in the vineyard and in the cellar. In... more

The „Salzburger Stier“ Communication Design

Radio Cabaret Prize 2019 The basic idea of the „Salzburger Stier Award“ was to help cabaret to gain a stronger media presence - throughout the entire German-speaking area, across national borders. So the radio editorial offices of... more

Killer Plants Exhibition/Interior Design

The Green Carnivores The special exhibition "Killer Plants - The Green Carnivores" gives an insight into the eerily beautiful world of the sophisticated trappers. It presents different types of traps and shows the great variety of... more

LOST & FOUND Exhibition/Interior Design

A temporary exhibition taking place at the Museum of Archaeology of Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy) from April-November 2019. The exhibition shows archaeological finds that have been discovered in South Tyrol in recent centuries and sold abroad.... more

Urania Meran Communication Design

Formbar had the chance of redesigning the image of the "Urania Meran" educational centre. The primary criteria were to introduce the brand to the new media challenges and to make it attractive for new target groups - especially younger... more

TOFANA 2018 Exhibition/Interior Design

Per aspera ad astra A photo exhibition about the story of the mountain guides of Cortina Cortina d'Ampezzo, centrally located in the Dolomites, was a hotspot for climbers and mountaineering pioneers in the 19th and 20th centuries. Many... more

Lyrikpreis Meran Exhibition/Interior Design

A poetic sheet To honor the winners of the internationally renowned award for contemporary "Lyrikpreis Meran", Formbar was commissioned to create an appropriate sculpture. This metallic sculpture represents a lightly curved sheet of... more

Meran 2000 Communication Design

Book design for the 50th anniversary of the recreational/skiing area Meran2000 in Northern Italy. The book consists of over 40 first-hand short-stories and anecdotes of persons who made an impact on this area in the Alps. All the chapters have a... more

Zum Riesen Communication Design

Corporate Design The „Zum Riesen“ used to be a stopover for pilgrims long time ago and got renovated recently to become a guest house for people searching  for a quiet and relaxing time. The interior is a successful... more

Burgen, Ruinen & Ansitze Exhibition/Interior Design

Formbar did both the visual design and the exhibition design for this artistic depictions of castles, ruins and noble residences around Eppan/Appiano in South Tyrol, Italy. Curator: Martin Laimer more

ALPEWA - Pop-Up Showroom Exhibition/Interior Design

Formbar had the pleasure to create a pop-up showroom for one of the world leading metal facade cladding companies. The occasion was an electronic music festival which took place in the production halls of the company. So the idea was born to... more

Hello Museum! Communication Design

Graphic design for a small travelling exhibition about everyday objects. The idea behind this playful graphics is to represent small details of each exhibited object, like a wheel of a car, green pearls of a nacklace etc. The goal is to stir... more

Imperial Art Communication Design

The task was to bring the corporate design of Imperialart Hotel to the next level. His fashionable city hotel has all rooms individually embellished by different artists and needed a design that supports this. A clean minimalist yet... more

Logos & Redesigns Communication Design

A small selection of logos and redesigns from the last years. more

Meran007 Communication Design

Music Light History For this eye-catching audiovisual revue about the vivd history of Merano, Formbar made a communication design which shows both the historic side and the modern fancy projection mapping created by international known visual... more

OVEG Communication Design

The cooperative association of farmers in Vinschgau/Val Venosta celebrated their 50th anniversary so Formbar had the honor to design an adequate publication. The cover of this book reminds the reader of the wadding which time ago where used to... more

50 years SV Tirol Communication Design

It was fun designing this vivid anniversary publication of the sports association of Tirol near Meran using snapshots and personal pictures instead of professional footage and making it look a bit vintage. There are different covers inspired of... more

Vintage Market Communication Design

Poster Design for the first Vintage Market taking place at the fantastic Castle Trauttmansdorff near Merano. The premise was to point out the worldliness and high end character of the market and to represent the fashionable character of the... more

WeinKulturWeg Marling Exhibition/Interior Design

Culture- & Nature trail Concept & Design for the trail trough and around the town of Marling. Marling is historically associated to the production of wine. Different sculptures along the trail explain traditional wine production and... more

Progress AG "Betonwelt" Exhibition/Interior Design

Image- und Showroom Concept & Design for a showroom with various theme stations enriched by interactive and multimedia stations in order to convince visitors of the advantages of using concrete. Project Partner: Philipp Putzer,... more

Conturines Exhibition/Interior Design

Dolomitic Caves A temporary exhibition "Monn di andri" about the misterious world of dolomitic caves.  The challenge was to show the narrow and angular spaces and difficult conditions you will find in the natural caves in the... more

Mauerschau Exhibition/Interior Design

Exhibition about Castel Tirol The exhibition is about the very interesting and versatile architectural and constructional history of Castle Tirol on the hills over Merano. The challenge was to create an distinct temporary exhibition over 15... more
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