Zum Riesen

Corporate Design

The „Zum Riesen“ used to be a stopover for pilgrims long time ago
and got renovated recently to become a guest house for people searching 
for a quiet and relaxing time. The interior is a successful combination of
historic murals and furniture, carefully combined with modern demands.
Formbar delivered a corporate design which combines this two main elements.
The logo is a combination of elegant lettering and a reduced modification of
a sign present in the entrance hall of the historic building. 
The rear side of all the printings are alternating patterns of the historic murals.
So you get a fascinating combination of reduced graphics and vivid patterns.

Project Partners: 
Arch. Dell’Agnolo & Kelderer, Origamo.it
Fotos: Daniela Prugger, Gianni Bodini, Armin Terzer

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