Klem Rugs

Some little while ago, I had the exciting task of designing the brand for a young Kazakh fashion company: Klem Rugs. They sell ecological carpets made from recycled cotton. I look back on this great project with pleasure – it was good learning process and an adventure. 
What did I learn? Geographical distances, time zones and cultural differences can easily be overcome. Flexibility and curiosity are prerequisites for this. In a way, these are the most important qualities in today's world, aren't they?
My heartfelt thanks go to the two courageous entrepreneurs Marina and Gulzhan, as well as to the excellent photographer Saida Sova. рахмет!

The lettering consists of a simple monospaced font, with the L representing a loop and symbolising the weaving of the rugs. The logo is applied like a sewn-on label, which is common in the fashion world. Simple but effective.

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