Kurhaus Meran

Stadttheater Teatro Puccini

It was a great challenge to give a new, contemporary graphic dress to the old-worthy Kurhaus of Merano. Nevertheless, the flair and magic of the Art Nouveau period as well as the light and filigree architecture had to be taken into account. We have reworked the signet of the Kurhaus, which has been present in the building since its opening in 1914, and changed the colours from the previously used beige-orange combination to a noble gold-royal blue-white application.
We have also developed our own lettering, which solves two problems in one: the integration of the Puccini City Theatre into the name, and the solution of the local bilingualism. The typeface is a rimiscense of the typography of the Art Nouveau period, but at the same time modern and can also be used in new media.
The ad motifs are based on an algorhythmic variation of vertical colour areas in combination with macro-photographic motifs from the two buildings. The result is a varied ad campaign that aims to draw the viewer's attention to the beautiful details of the two buildings and their outstanding colour combinations.
The result is an elegant and graceful corporate design that shows the value and international significance of the congress centre and venue, where renowned artists, diplomats and personalities walk in and out.

Project Partners:
Katrin Gruber

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