Stone age connections

Mobility in Ötzi's time

Even in the Copper Age, people were amazingly mobile. They traded flint and copper and not only exchanged goods, but also took new knowledge and craft skills with them on their journeys. On foot, on snowshoes over the mountains or by dugout canoe across the water, people covered astonishingly long distances across Europe. 

In order to make the core theme of the exhibition - mobility of people, transfer of knowledge and goods - tangible and experienceable, we have modelled the exhibition architecture on an underground railway station. This creates its own dynamic with the urge to keep moving.

Location: Archaeological Museum, Bolzano (Italy)
Client: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology
Project period: 2020/2021
Design team: formbar-Laurin Kofler, farbfabrik-Philipp Putzer Lukas Mayr Architect
Exhibition photos: Caroline Renzler, Silbersalz

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