Killer Plants

The Green Carnivores

The special exhibition "Killer Plants - The Green Carnivores" gives an insight into the eerily beautiful world of the sophisticated trappers. It presents different types of traps and shows the great variety of species of the bizarre survival artists. The exhibition is complemented by interactive models, specially designed guided tours and living plants. 
There are over 500 carnivorous plants on display, including 110 different species and varieties from 14 genera, which are spread all over the world. The exhibition is one of the largest in Europe in terms of the number of carnivorous plants.

The Gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff
Curation & Texts Karin Kompatscher, Judith Pollinger,Gabriele Pircher

> Laurin Kofler, Formbar – Exhibition Concept & Design
> Philipp Putzer, Farbfabrik –  Design
> Arch. Lukas Mayr – “ Planning & Coordination
> Jiri Gasperi – Illustration, Video Animation
> Piet Paesehuyse – Interactive models
> Jochen Haidacher – Carpentry, Execution
> New Brand – Print

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