Exhibition/Interior Design

TOFANA 2018 Exhibition/Interior Design

Per aspera ad astra A photo exhibition about the story of the mountain guides of Cortina Cortina d'Ampezzo, centrally located in the Dolomites, was a hotspot for climbers and mountaineering pioneers in the 19th and 20th centuries. Many... more

Lyrikpreis Meran Exhibition/Interior Design

A poetic sheet To honor the winners of the internationally renowned award for contemporary "Lyrikpreis Meran", Formbar was commissioned to create an appropriate sculpture. This metallic sculpture represents a lightly curved sheet of... more

Burgen, Ruinen & Ansitze Exhibition/Interior Design

Formbar did both the visual design and the exhibition design for this artistic depictions of castles, ruins and noble residences around Eppan/Appiano in South Tyrol, Italy. Curator: Martin Laimer more

ALPEWA - Pop-Up Showroom Exhibition/Interior Design

Formbar had the pleasure to create a pop-up showroom for one of the world leading metal facade cladding companies. The occasion was an electronic music festival which took place in the production halls of the company. So the idea was born to... more

WeinKulturWeg Marling Exhibition/Interior Design

Culture- & Nature trail Concept & Design for the trail trough and around the town of Marling. Marling is historically associated to the production of wine. Different sculptures along the trail explain traditional wine production and... more

Progress AG "Betonwelt" Exhibition/Interior Design

Image- und Showroom Concept & Design for a showroom with various theme stations enriched by interactive and multimedia stations in order to convince visitors of the advantages of using concrete. Project Partner: Philipp Putzer,... more

Conturines Exhibition/Interior Design

Dolomitic Caves A temporary exhibition "Monn di andri" about the misterious world of dolomitic caves.  The challenge was to show the narrow and angular spaces and difficult conditions you will find in the natural caves in the... more

Mauerschau Exhibition/Interior Design

Exhibition about Castel Tirol The exhibition is about the very interesting and versatile architectural and constructional history of Castle Tirol on the hills over Merano. The challenge was to create an distinct temporary exhibition over 15... more
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